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Discover our range of cleaning and maintenance services designed to uphold your vehicle’s pristine state. Our technicians seamlessly blend state-of-the-art car wash technology with a personal touch, ensuring your car receives unparalleled care. Experience unmatched service at Super Shine Car Wash & Lube.

Welcoming & Professional Team


Our dedicated team is committed to providing an inviting experience.

Premium Products & Soaps


We exclusively use high-quality products and soaps for enduring excellence.

State Of The Art Equipment


We’re happy to provide top-tier equipment to ensure unparalleled results.

Customized Packages


We offer tailored, budget-friendly packages to meet diverse needs.

Enjoyable Waiting Areas


Our cozy waiting areas are equipped with amenities to enhance your comfort.

Complete Vehicle Care


Experience various services from detailed washes to comprehensive maintenance.

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Car Wash Service

Car Wash Services

Discover an unparalleled shine and immaculate cleanliness for your car through our expert car wash services.

  • Premium products for enduring brilliance
  • Time-efficient convenience
  • Paint safeguarding
Boat Wash Services

Boat Wash Services

Embark on your water adventures with confidence as our boat wash services ensure your vessel gleams on the waves.

  • Proficient marine care
  • Corrosion deterrence
  • Enhanced performance
Motorcycle Wash Services

Motorcycle Wash Services

Unleash your bike’s true allure and hit the road with a glistening motorcycle after our meticulous wash.

  • Detailed attention
  • Corrosion prevention
  • Enhanced visibility
Auto Detailing Services

Auto Detailing Services

Elevate your car to showroom perfection with our detailed auto detailing services.

  • Stain removal and prevention
  • Prolonged value preservation
  • Pristine interior and polished exterior
Express Lube Services

Express Lube Services

Maintain engine efficiency hassle-free with our swift express lube service.

  • Prompt oil changes
  • Engine longevity and health
  • Improved fuel economy
Preventative Maintenance Services

Preventative Maintenance Services

Ensure your vehicle’s performance with our comprehensive preventative maintenance solutions.

  • Early issue detection
  • Enhanced vehicle safety and reliability
  • Long-term cost savings
State Inspection

State Inspection

Guarantee compliance with safety and emissions standards through our Texas state inspection services.

  • Legal adherence and assurance
  • Early problem spotting
  • Augmented safety and security